Costumes for Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre play “Dialogues”

The history seems simple, an ordinary meeting with a friend for cup of coffee may finish normally, tragically, violently, silly, hopelessly, sadly or even comically. Usually we do not think what if this meeting would have the different end, it would or could happen something that we do not expect. The story based on pure accidents, emotions, stylized body language and contemporary dance – it is Gytis Ivanauskas Theatre play “Dialogues”. The body language of dance will express not only love and hate, but a female place in society and search of perfection.

Long-standing stage partners of Gytis Ivanauskas, Brigita Urbietyte and Agne Ramanauskaite who played together in performances “Men in white skirts”, “8 square meters”, “Hallmark” – “grew up” and decided to introduce their own dance performance.

Duo dancing girls says that together – they are a great tandem, because they have been working for seven years in many projects. “Dialogues” was matured for a couple of years, the contemporary dance performance will show the  unexpected side of a woman’s.

“We do not want to talk idly, we are both women and most scenes from our lives we are going to show to the audience, we no longer sixteen” – smiles 32-year-old Argentinean tango virtuoso Brigita Urbietyte.

GI Theatre founder himself, Gytis Ivanauskas, says that he is happy because of his colleagues, but from time to time he is coming to the rehearsal hall as well. “Femininity is often overlooked on stage. Good, that Brigita and Agne pulled it to the surface” – G. Ivanauskas says.

Intensively rehearsing dancers says that the premiere will be full of unexpected and still not seen dance steps, this way female duo decided to surprise fans of contemporary dance. Actress looking for answers – why women are so often unable to be herself and act like she really want, “We are looking for causes and discovering the answers” – intrigued A. Ramanauskaite.

Costume designer Tomas Bagackas