In a coorporation with Oslo Quer festival, Tomas Bagackas presented a fashion collection in Oslo, Norway.


Fashion with a queer twist.
On the occasion of Women’s Day and Ladyfest Oslo Queer Festival invited to a different fashion show at The Villa on Friday 7 March.

“Queer fashion for me includes everything from queer theory to anything that is not normal”, says fashion designer Tomas Bagackas showing his collection “Lipstick”.

“The collection is all about living in the moment”, says Tomas Bagackas to Metal Supply.
“This collection is a revolt against the shocking consumption we have, and I will show the importance of reusing and recycling.I focus on the history and unique qualities”.

Bagackas feel that he fits well into the framework of the festival.
– “I am a different designer because I did not think of clothing as decoration, or that they will be selling. I relate well to the festival’s manifesto” says Bagackas.