Couture collection 

Text by Henning Høholt (Kulturkompasset)

The Norwegian couturier Tomas Bagackas presented his first fashion collection in Paris 21. November 2013 at the elegant mansion belonging to the Lithuanian Embassy.

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. Photography: Arturas Rindeika, model: Gabriele Motiejunaite.” src=”http://www.tomasbagackas.com/media-files/timeless1-338×480.jpg” alt=”Collection Couture TIMELESS” width=”203″ height=”288″ />

The aim of this collection was to see if different cultures might function in harmony as details from two different religions was represented in the final design of the outfits

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. In today’s world where increasing mass production of the clothes takes over peoples identity and joyful feeling fades away, where cultural and spiritual values are constantly changing and mixed together, designers puts an effort in working within sustainable and social responsive design. During creative process Bagackas relied on the globalization features: movement, development and universality. Garment for him is associated with a separate world, with its own specific constituent elements and structure.

Tomas Bagackas was inspired by rounded shapes from Islamic architecture that became a basic form for the silhouette, colors that are used in the robes of catholic church such as deep red, white and black. For the texture he has chosen a feeling of the sand from the hourglass that resulted in silk satin and organza fabrics that provides lightness and at the same time a strong sculptural ability surrounded by decent gloss touch.

This was the first catwalk show with impeccably red  for Tomas in Paris. Presented wardrobe was down to earth, with below-the-knee hemlines, and yet his always mindful of making a difference. He does this with a raffia detail here, a handmade embroidery there or a lace appliqué elsewhere. The designer knows just what it takes to spice up everyday life

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. This was a collection for the vacation suitcase, with sculpted draping and luxurious fabrics cut to the perfectly proportioned volumes.






Hair style by Vincent Jégo,
Make-upAne Skjelten.
RunwayGytis Reiteris.
AccessoriesSalvador Mateu Andujar
Photos © – All Rights Reserved:
Arturas Rindeika,
Emmanuel Donny,
Romain Claris.
Gabriele Motiejunaite,
Simona Paciukonyte,
Karolis Vildziunas,
Katarina Kjartansdotter,
Anette Briksdal,
Vilde Stokke,
Birgitte T.Knudsen,
Karen E. Koller,
Vilde Moen,
Ragnhild Sofie R. Sætra,
Ina Celise Sortland,
Daniel Fure Schwarz,
Gytis Reiteris,
Viktoria Valanciute,
Milda N.,
Rie Takagi,
Special thanks to: Henning Høholt,
Lithuanian embassy in Paris for their kind hospitality, Gateway College Paris,The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (NK), Vilma Vysniauskiene, Florimon Conesa, Guy Hugo, Audrius Matutis, Xiao Feng Wang, Donatas Budzius, Ramute, Oda Madsen, Marthe Pollen Johansen, Sara Johansen and Åse-Marie Kvarme, Girmante Vaitkute, UAB Efrata.
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