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Now all couture lovers have the opportunity to visit a small atelier of bespoke tailor in Oslo, where the tradition and innovation meets in their creations with his own collection of handmade garments.
A city with a strong tradition of design along with the long history of tailoring regains its craft with itself style that had been about to miss.
In august 2017 Tomas Bagackas will open his own studio in Oslo offering to his worldwide costumers the values of tradition and quality that meets the requirements of the most demanding clients.
Design atelier is in the famous part of Oslo, fascinating quarter area of the city and close to the Gustav Vigeland Park, one of the most beautiful places of Oslo.
He has a strong commitment to this craft and admiration and respect for all the contemporary masters, as well as the preceding ones who are responsible for gracefully passing onto us the knowledge of the craft. They are the architects of a long and rich heritage spanning many years of hard work keeping this craft alive and to flourish throughout centuries.
Tomas Bagackas was born in Lithuania to a family steeped in artistic traditions from a few centuries. He started creating outfits an early age. He became interested in tailoring at the age of 13, when he got a sewing machine along with private lessons from a professional tailor to learn the craft.
He graduated from Norwegian College of Arts in Oslo. He was awarded his Master of Design degree from the faculty of design.
Additionally, he has apprenticed and worked in distinguished ateliers of fashion designers as well Haute Couture in Paris, France where he got experiences in the ateliers of Franck Sorbier. In 2009 Tomas was invited to study in Paris by famous Haute couture school and moved to Paris. From 2011 he opened his own atelier near Louvre and became to be owner of Tomas Bagackas couture.
Tomas has participated in a variety of international competitions and exhibitions in Europe. His creations have been appreciated by many satisfied customers.

At Tomas Bagackas design atelier Tomas will demonstrate the craft of making a garment, explain the different steps and let the audience experience the level of craftsmanship needed to make it.

My work is a personal research on the beauty and poetry of the form, on the aesthetic balance that we can find in the natural elements and from which I get inspired.
These, revised with my artistic language and fused to contemporary concepts, give birth to my creations.
I use fabric to shape my thoughts.
To do this I need trained and precise movements that arise from many years of experience and my deep commitment to the craft of making.
First craftsman then artist, – because only with full control of material I can create my works exactly as I would like them to be.
Useful Info:
Where: Oslo, Norway
When: by appointment only
Why: one of the personal ateliers of bespoke dressmaking and tailoring
How: book an appointment and let Tomas turn your dreams into a dress and every outfit into an unforgettable emotion, while enchanting you, très charmant, with fascinating stories about the fashion world
Frognerveien 43, N-0266 Oslo, Norway