“It is my wish that my creations can be for the best of the people!”

Fashion and costume designer who supports innovative thinking. “My philosophy is to create objects within the limits of their functions. If beauty of the object is the only function, then object has no design value”.

Tomas Bagackas is born April the 6th, 1979 in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. 2009 he finished his education at the Oslo National Academy of Arts as Master in design. Already from 1996, when he was only 18 years old, he started to work for a fashion house, at the same time he launched his own tailoring studio in Vilnius.  1999 he moved to Norway, where he worked with Norwegian fashion designer Kåre Lunde. During this time, he opened his own design studio UAB T.Bagackas & Co in Vilnius.

“I believe in that our life in one or another way is a big theater, therefore costume plays an important role in our lives. I have always created my designs after imaginable scenarios and I create fashion with practical details, elegance and fantasy, which is presenting my individual style and personality”.